Podcast for Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church is excited to offer a subscription to a podcast of our sermons posted weekly.

Podcast    Subscribe to the Grace Baptist Church Podcast

New to Podcasting?

To subscribe to podcasts you will need software to receive your podcasts. There are several programs available for free. We recommend you download iTunes to listen to the Grace Baptist Church Podcast.

iTunes Instructions

To Manually Subscribe:

To manually subscribe to the daily podcast with the podcast player of your choice, use the following address:

Podcast    Grace Baptist Church Podcast: http://www.gracebaptist.ws/rss/feed_mp3.xml

Podcast FAQs

On what players and devices does the Grace Baptist Church podcast work?

The Grace Baptist Church Podcast is created in MP3 format. Therefore, it will work on all modern media players and devices. We recommend using Apple's iTunes, which is available as a free download. You can access the download here.

How do I retrieve the podcasts?

Most media players retrieve podcasts automatically. We recommend that you use Apple's iTunes for this service. When you open iTunes, the podcast will be automatically downloaded.

How can I have my computer automatically update/check for new podcasts?

See the iTunes tutorial. There are several tutorials that you can review to see how it all works.