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The Heavenly Court - by Michael Phillips
Scenes in Job - Part 1
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Job 1:1-12
Jan 06, 2019 am - Most of my friends think I'm an optimist. Most of my family think I'm a pessimist. Most of the time, I think I'm a realist. A realistic view of life is built on two Bible doctrines: Creation and Fall. In the beginning, the heavens and the earth were created by a good God who created every part ... More >>>

The Surpassing Greatness of the Word - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2018 - Part 5
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1 John 1:1-18
Dec 30, 2018 am - The human race can be divided into two, airtight, compartments: those who can tell a joke, and those who can't. The people who cannot tell a joke always fail for one of two reasons. Either: (1) they have no punch line, or, if they do, (2) they say it too soon. More than anything else, jokes depend ... More >>>

The Word Incarnate - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2018 - Part 4
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John 1:9-14
Dec 23, 2018 am - Way back in about 1968, I first saw the bumper sticker- Keep Christ in Christmas. I agreed with it at the time, and now, fifty years later, I still do. If Jesus is 'The Reason for the Season', He has to be the central figure in our holiday celebration. I suppose this has always been hard to do, but ...

The Word and John - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2018 - Part 3
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John 1:6-8
Dec 16, 2018 am - Whatever Paganism or commercialism has added to the Christmas Story, its central figure remains God, who became a Man and was laid in a manger, because there was no room for Him in the inn. This is what Christmas is about: Not trees or gifts, parties, or time off work. It is about God becoming ... More >>>

The Word and Creation - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2018 - Part 2
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John 1:3-5
Dec 09, 2018 am - Christmas is the best time of year to talk to your neighbors and loved ones about Jesus-not because they need Him more in December than they do in July, but because they're more likely to listen now than they would be next summer. So, let's take every opportunity to speak up for Christ this Advent ... More >>>

The Word and God - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2018 - Part 1
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John 1:1-2
Dec 02, 2018 am - Had Michael the Archangel become flesh, even more so. But it wasn't Israel's greatest prophet or Heaven's mightiest angel who was- Conceived by the Holy Ghost Born of the Virgin Mary. It was God's Only Begotten Son! John calls Him this a bit later in His Gospel, but here, at the start, He uses a ... More >>>

Spiritual Conversation - by Michael Phillips
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Ephesians 4:29
Dec 02, 2018 pm - The subject of Ephesians 4 is Sanctification, that is, changing from what we used to be to what we're supposed to be. Back in Chapter 2, Paul tells us the change is complete and instantaneous. One moment, we are dead in trespasses and sins; the next we are made alive in Christ. Paul received this ... More >>>

Two Ways - by Michael Phillips
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Romans 10:1-13
Nov 25, 2018 am - Here's something you didn't expect me to say: There are two ways of salvation. By 'two ways of salvation', I don't mean 'two sources of salvation'. For the only wise God is our Savior, Jude says, and in saying it, he is but echoing the uniform witness of the prophets who said things like- Salvation ... More >>>

The Goodness (Part 2) - by Michael Phillips
Doctrine of Hell - Part 8
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Psalm 18:30
Nov 25, 2018 pm - In our last afternoon study, I took up the indefensible work of defending the Goodness of Hell. No decent person could be happy that people are going to Hell, and when they get there, they're going to stay there forever. I am not happy about this; the weeping Savior was not happy about this; and ... More >>>

What to do on Thursday - by Michael Phillips
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Psalm 136
Nov 18, 2018 am - (1) cooking, (2) eating, (3) overeating, (4) watching football, (5) taking a nap, and (6) wondering why nobody stayed to help you clean up the mess! These are the things we typically do on Thanksgiving Day--and, except for the last one--I highly recommend them all! But in doing all these typical ...

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