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God's Absence - by Michael Phillips
Spiritual Depression - Part 12 of 13
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Job 23
Feb 24, 2008 am - For the last few months, we have spent our Sunday mornings thinking about Spiritual Depression-what it is, what causes it, and what to do about it. The causes we've looked at thus far have all been on our side. I'm depressed because I'm stubbornly holding onto a known sin; you're depressed because ... More >>>

Zacchaeus - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 72 of 94
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Luke 19:1-10
Sep 21, 2003 am - Today's sermon is about a Man who loves sinners and some other men who don't. THE SINNER The sinner is named Zacchaeus, and most of what we know about him is bad. Luke says He lived in Jericho. Jericho was a powerful city in the ancient world, but its power was put to an evil use. The first people ... More >>>

Love is Kind - by Michael Phillips
Attributes of Love, for Children - Part 3 of 11
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1 Corinthians 13:4b
Sep 14, 2003 pm - THE MEANING What is kindness? I looked up the word in my dictionary and found quite a few other words to describe it, words like sympathetic, friendly, gentle, tender-hearted, generous, affectionate, and well-disposed. These are other words for kindness-more or less-but they don't tell us what ... More >>>

The Israel of God - by Michael Phillips
Eschatology - Part 10 of 10
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Galatians 6:16
Oct 24, 2004 pm - This afternoon, with the Lord's help, we'll move on in our study of The Last Things. Today's topic doesn't really belong in the series, but I put it in for two reasons: A great many Christians believe it does belong here. I didn't know where else to put it! The topic is The Israel of God. THE ... More >>>

Talebearing - by Michael Phillips
Proverbs - Part 23 of 26
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Proverbs 26:20
Jul 06, 1988 am - is translated from the Hebrew word, RAKEL, which literally means to sell, market, or merchandise. It brings to mind the travelling salesman, going hither and yon peddling his wares. Such a word well describes the nature of talebearing. It therefore includes three acts: Extracting confidential or ... More >>>

Baxter on Backsliding 2 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Backsliding - Part 2 of 3
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Proverbs 14:14a
Sep 22, 1999 pm - Tonight, with the Lord's blessing, we'll continue our study of Richard Baxter on Backsliding. Baxter was an English pastor who lived from 1615 to 1691. His theology is not always good, but his practical works are Puritan counseling at its best. Baxter says one may backslide in three ways: in ... More >>>

Judgmentalism - by Michael Phillips
Respectable Sins - Part 15
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Matthew 7:1-5
Aug 16, 2009 am - Over the last few months we have been working our way through Jerry Bridges' little book, Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate. I wish he had added the words, 'in ourselves', because-the truth is-we don't tolerate them in other people. Pride, envy, selfishness, ingratitude, and gossip ... More >>>

Ebenezer! - by Michael Phillips
The Life of Samuel - Part 5 of 11
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1 Samuel 7:2-17
Jul 08, 2007 am - Today, with God's blessing, we come to Part 5 in The Life of Samuel. The last time we heard from the man, he wasn't a man at all. He was a boy, listening to God in the Tabernacle and just beginning to speak His Word to the nation. The quiet years in Samuel's life were bad years in the life of his ... More >>>

Emmanuel - by Michael Phillips
Birth of Christ - Part 2 of 2
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Matthew 1:18-25
Dec 31, 2006 am - Last Sunday morning I preached my annual Christmas sermon, but I was not entirely pleased with it. What I said then was true and useful (I hope), but I wanted to say more. I'll do that today with a second Christmas sermon, which is either one week late (if you're a pessimist) or fifty-one weeks ... More >>>

Laodicea - by Michael Phillips
Seven Churches - Part 7 of 7
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Revelation 3:14-22
Jun 26, 2005 am - Seventy years ago Andrew Nelson Lytle wrote an essay praising the South for its fierce pride and self-sufficiency. While the Yankees depended on banks and stores, charity and relief, his people took care of themselves. If they couldn't make it at home-he said-they did without it. There's a lot to ... More >>>

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