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Baxter on Glorifying God 2 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Glorifying God - Part 2 of 3
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1 Corinthians 6:20
Jan 01, 1988 pm - Tonight, with the Lord's blessing, we proceed in our study of Richard Baxter on Glorifying God. Baxter was an English Puritan pastor who wrote much--and very well--on practical living for Christ. To glorify God means to praise Him with your thoughts, your words, and your deeds. You ought to do it ... More >>>

Three Ways to Live - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Part 13
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Ecclesiastes 11:1-6
Nov 20, 2011 am - There are three ways to live your life: the fools way, the coward's way, and the right way. Fools act without thinking; cowards think without acting. Fools are too bold; cowards are too cautious. Because they're too impulsive, fools do a lot of stupid and hurtful things; because they're too ... More >>>

What We Have in Common - by Michael Phillips
The Book of Ephesians - Part 8 of 14
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Ephesians 4:4-6
Jun 01, 2008 am - If you talk to couples on the brink of divorce, you find some of them are angry and others are not. We're breaking up, they tell you, because 'I caught her with another man', because 'He beats me' or because 'For twenty years we've done nothing but fight'. In the words of T.S. Eliot, their marriage ... More >>>

Baxter on Gratitude 2 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Gratitude - Part 2 of 4
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Psalm 92:1
Mar 29, 2000 pm - Tonight in the Puritan Academy, we'll continue our study of Richard Baxter on Gratitude or Giving Thanks. The sermons assume we have much to be thankful for. This is true of everyone, of course, but especially of Christians. For the poorest, sickest, most deprived believer has been given "All ... More >>>

Baxter on Public Worship - by Michael Phillips
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Ecclesiastes 5:1
Jan 01, 1988 am - My talk this afternoon is called Richard Baxter on Public Worship. Baxter was an English pastor who lived from 1615 to 1691. His theology is not always sound, but his practical works are Puritan counseling at its best. This chapter is found in his Christian Directory, pp.616ff. Being a good ... More >>>

Precious Remedies 16 - by Michael Phillips
Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices - Part 16 of 30
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2 Corinthians 2:11
Jan 01, 1988 pm - Let's continue our study of Thomas Brooks' great work Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices. The book was written to help us see through the tricks of Satan and to live in the wisdom and grace of God. Nothing scares the devil more than the assurance of salvation. The believer who knows he is ... More >>>

Doing the Word - by Michael Phillips
Church Discipline - Part 9 of 9
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2 Corinthians 7:2-13
Jan 25, 2009 pm - This afternoon, with God's blessing, we will move on in our study of Training in Godliness. As the People of God, we're called to help each other make it to heaven; some of the help is private (brother to brother) and some of it is public (the church to a brother). Most of it is formative (aiming ... More >>>

Christ Born For You - by Michael Phillips
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Luke 2:1-20
Dec 21, 2008 am - One upon a time a man was walking in the park when he stubbed his toe on a big muddy rock. 'Ouch'-he cried-and kicked the offending rock into a shallow creek twenty feet ahead of him. When he passed by the place it went in, he looked down and saw it was no ordinary rock. It was a bright and shiny ... More >>>

Do Your Part - by Michael Phillips
The Book of Ephesians - Part 9 of 14
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Ephesians 4:7-16
Jun 15, 2008 am - Today, with God's blessing, we come back to our study of Ephesians, the Book in which we hear a loud and clear call to Unity in the Church. This unity is bigger than the local church, of course. We ought to love all who are in fellowship with God through Christ. Whether they go to this church or ... More >>>

The Way - by Michael Phillips
A Lesson in Forgiveness - Part 3 of 8
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Luke 17:1-10
Mar 25, 2007 am - Mindful that God's grace is greater than our need, we come today to part three in the series I've called A Lesson in Forgiveness. The Teacher of our Lesson is Jesus Christ who is Immanuel, or 'God with us'. This means, whatever He did God does, and whatever He commanded, God commands. His students ... More >>>

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