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Hearts of Stone, Hearts of Flesh - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 12
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Mark 6:31-56
May 24, 2009 am - The second half of Mark chapter 12 tells two of the most beloved stories in the Bible. In the first, Jesus feeds five thousand men in the wilderness with food barely enough for one man. In the second, He walks on the water to save His friends from a storm that has blown up on the Sea of Galilee. ... More >>>

The Church Matters - by Michael Phillips
Church Discipline - Part 4 of 9
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1 Corinthians 5:1-13
Nov 16, 2008 pm - This afternoon, with God's blessing, we will move on in our study of Training in godliness. Our trainer is the Lord Jesus Christ, who does part of the work all by Himself and part of it by way of His church. When we train each other in godliness, therefore, we're doing the Lord's work, or to be ... More >>>

Why Preach the Gospel? - by Michael Phillips
Study in Romans - Part 3
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Romans 1:16-17
Sep 26, 2010 am - Today, with God's blessing, we will move on in our study of Paul's Epistle to the church of Rome. If you know Church History at all, you know this was Martin Luther's favorite book, because-he said- It is pure Gospel. It was in Romans that Luther found God's favor, the forgiveness of his sins, and ... More >>>

How it Comes - by Michael Phillips
Mysteries of the Kingdom - Part 1
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Matthew 13:1-23
Jul 18, 2010 am - Today, with God's help, I hope to begin a short series called, Mysteries of the Kingdom. The words are taken from Matthew 13:11, a verse chockfull of encouragement- It has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, but to them it has not been given. The Kingdom of God cannot be figured ... More >>>

Baxter on Witnessing 4 - by Michael Phillips
Baxter on Witnessing - Part 4 of 5
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1 Peter 3:15
Jul 12, 2002 pm - Tonight, with the Lord's blessing, we'll continue our study of Richard Baxter on Witnessing. Thus far, we've seen why to witness--and how. Now we come to the topic how to reprove sin. Speaking up for Christ means speaking out against sin. No one comes to the Savior unless he feels the need for a ... More >>>

Precious Remedies 27 - by Michael Phillips
Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices - Part 27 of 30
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2 Corinthians 2:11b
Jan 01, 1988 pm - With the Lord's blessing, let's continue our study of Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices. The author is Thomas Brooks. The topic: "How the devil keeps us from believing in Jesus Christ". He does this in many ways, of course. But for tonight, we limit ourselves to this one trick: "Satan keeps ... More >>>

True and False Knowledge - by Michael Phillips
1 Corinthians - Part 3
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1 Corinthians 2:1-16
May 06, 2012 am - Other than Judaism, nothing threatened the Early Church more than Gnosticism. 'Gnosticism' comes from the Greek word meaning, 'I know', and this is what the Gnostics prided themselves on: knowing things-knowing things ordinary Christians did not know. They found this hidden wisdom in one of two ... More >>>

Worry - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 38
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Isaiah 43:1-3a
Feb 26, 2012 pm - What are worried about? Is it your health or your kids? Is it making the rent or keeping your job? Is it getting married or saving the marriage you have? What are you worried about? I didn't ask if you were worried. I didn't ask you that because I know you are. Not everyone is eaten up by worry, of ... More >>>

Secure our Resurrection - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 42 of 51
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1 Corinthians 15:51-58
Jul 27, 2005 pm - THE CAUSE OF DEATH Where does death come from? Most people would have to say they don't know where death comes from, and those who say they do, for the most part, don't. If you took a semester of science in college (which I had to take, otherwise I wouldn't have), you heard the high sounding words, ... More >>>

Henry on Genesis 1 - by Michael Phillips
Henry on Genesis 1 - Part 12 of 12
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Genesis 1:31
Oct 09, 2002 pm - Tonight, with the Lord's help, we'll complete the study we began about three months ago. It's called Matthew Henry on Genesis 1. The first chapter in the Bible can be divided into three parts: God the Creator, vv.1-28 God the Provider, vv.29-30 God the Judge, v.31 In v.1, we have the Lord making ... More >>>

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