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Daily Prayer - by Michael Phillips
Rules for Young Christians - Part 1
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1 Chronicles 16:11
Sep 13, 2009 pm - My wife and kids tell me I repeat myself. I took this for a vicious lie until they started finishing my stories and not laughing at my jokes. Then I knew they were telling the truth: I do repeat myself. I've never been good at breaking bad habits, and here's one I don't need to break, because I can ... More >>>

The Life of John Newton, Part 1 - by Michael Phillips
The Life of John Newton - Part 1 of 2
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1 Chronicles 17:16-17
Sep 10, 2006 am - A few months ago, while leading the hymn, Amazing Grace, I was so moved by the lyrics that I promised to lecture on John Newton (its author) this year. After a lot of reading, a fair amount of thinking, and several false starts, I now wish I hadn't make the promise! But, having made it, I ought to ... More >>>

The Life of Thomas Scott - by Michael Phillips
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1 Chronicles 17:16-17
Nov 19, 2006 pm - Several weeks ago, I gave two lectures on the life and ministry of John Newton. Today, the man is mostly known for his hymn, Amazing Grace. The song is popular art at its best, but John never thought of himself as an artist. He was a pastor and a saint. His pastoral work won many to the Lord, as he ... More >>>

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