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Doctrine and Duty - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 3
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1 Peter 1:13-22
Aug 10, 2014 am - I hate the Los Angeles Dodgers. I hate noisy restaurants. I hate mild salsa. I hate elevator music. I hate long hair on old men. I hate belly shirts on women who don't have the belly for them. There are a great many hateful things in the world, but I'm not sure there's any I hate more than ... More >>>

Sanctification - by Michael Phillips
The Doctrine of Salvation - Part 9
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1 Peter 1:15
Sep 20, 2015 pm - If any verse in the Bible undercuts our pride and self-sufficiency, 1 Peter 1:15 has got to be that verse. The Apostle grew up in Second Temple Judaism, where 'holiness' largely consisted of outward things, things like wearing phylacteries around your head, widening the hem of your garments, ... More >>>

Futile Ancestry - by Michael Phillips
The Passion of Jesus Christ - Part 29 of 51
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1 Peter 1:18-19
Apr 06, 2005 pm - Tonight we come to chapter 28 in John Piper's little work, The Passion of Jesus Christ. Of the fifty chapters in the book, this has got to be the most challenging one to apply. For some, it has almost nothing to say; to others, the message will be of huge importance. It all depends on your ... More >>>

Join the Club - by Michael Phillips
Stop Dating the Church - Part 4 of 8
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1 Peter 1:22
Nov 25, 2007 pm - Today we come to chapter 4 in our study of the book, Stop Dating the Church and Fall in Love with the Family of God. Its author is Joshua Harris, a man who used to bounce from church to church, but found no satisfaction till he settled down in one church and gave himself to it in body and soul. ... More >>>

Brotherly Love - by Michael Phillips
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1 Peter 1:22-25
Aug 31, 2003 pm - WHAT WE ARE, V.22a Before Peter gets to his command to love one another, he reminds us of who we are and who the others are we are to love. He says we are people who have. "Purified our souls". Believers in Christ are pure souls. We are not polluted and dirty and grimy and stinking to the high ... More >>>

Why and How to Love Others - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 4
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1 Peter 1:22-2:3
Aug 17, 2014 am - Several years ago, I attended a debate at the University of California, Davis. The question before the house that night was, 'Does God exist?' Affirming His existence was a Presbyterian minister, Dr. Greg Bahnsen, and denying it was Edward Tabash, an attorney with the ACLU. The debate was pretty ... More >>>

The True Temple - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 5
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1 Peter 2:4-10
Sep 14, 2014 am - The Church of Jesus Christ has always been threatened by the world, but the world does not always take the same form. In some times and places, the world tries to break us; in others, it prefers to seduce us. But whatever tactic it takes: the world is always dead set against the Church and will do ... More >>>

Five Stages - by Michael Phillips
Sanctification - Part 2
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1 Peter 2:9
May 22, 2016 pm - Last week, we began a doctrinal study of Sanctification. Sanctification is one of the Bible's central themes, and also the one we're most likely to overlook, minimize, or explain away. Why? Because sanctification means holiness, and holiness makes very serious demands on us. The standard of ... More >>>

Guidelines for Godliness - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 6
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1 Peter 2:11-12
Sep 21, 2014 am - No rules, just right. Have you heard this catchphrase? If you listen to the same radio station that I do, you've heard it many times; in fact, many times every day. It's the slogan for Outback Steakhouse. I'm not sure if the saying means, 'The restaurant follows no rules but always gets it right', ... More >>>

Submission is Good, Part I - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 7
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1 Peter 2:13-25
Sep 28, 2014 am - What kind of life should the Christian live? If you read 1 Peter all the way through, you'd find several ways to answer the question. Peter wants us to live in love, to live obediently, faithfully, zealously, bravely, patiently, and in the fear of God. All of these qualities are right on the ... More >>>

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