Series: The Names of God
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Elohim - by Michael Phillips
The Names of God - Part 1
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Genesis 1:1-2:3
Jan 17, 2016 pm - Today, with the blessings of Heaven, we will begin a short afternoon study on the Names of God. If you know your Bible, you know that names are important because they often signify one's character or destiny. Abraham, for example, was not given that name at birth. His parents named him, 'Abram', ... More >>>

Jehovah - by Michael Phillips
The Names of God - Part 2
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Isaiah 12:2
Jan 24, 2016 pm - Today brings us to the second sermon in our afternoon series on the Names of God. For most of us, names have very little meaning. The parents who named me 'Michael' could have as well named me 'Robert', and that-I suspect-would have had very little effect on my character or my destiny. Bible names, ... More >>>

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