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We Are Saints - by Michael Phillips
Respectable Sins - Part 1
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1 Corinthians 1:1-3
Feb 08, 2009 pm - Last year we spent several Sunday afternoons studying and discussing Joshua Harris's book, Stop Dating the Church and Fall in Love with the People of God. In spite of its hip title, the book is serious and important, and it caught our attention and made for lively discussion. Well, we're not going back to that book today, but to another of even greater importance. I pray the Lord will use it to stimulate our conversation, and more than that, to- Provoke [us] unto love and good works. The book is Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges. The author is an older man who has spent much of his adult with the Navigators working mostly with college students. As the title indicates, the book is about the sins we're all guilty of-and with which, we're way too comfortable. We fear some sins, and if we should ever fall into them, we'd loathe ourselves and repent in dust and ashes. But 'Respectable Sins'? They hardly bother us at all; and sometimes, they're taken for good things rather than what they are: hateful to God. The format will be the same as before: twenty minutes or so of teaching followed by discussion, and ending no later than 3:00. One last thing: I'm not going to quote from the book ... More >>>

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