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The True Israel - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 2
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Mark 1:9-13
Feb 15, 2009 am - The Old Testament is a Book of Promises. In its first eleven chapters, they are made to Adam and Eve, and to Noah, and through them, to the whole human race. But starting in Genesis 12, the Promises are narrowed to one people, Israel. They come first to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; later they're confirmed and enlarged to Moses; then the Promises are widened and made even surer to David. What are the Promises? Under the sun, God promises to give them a land in which they will prosper and be secure; He promises to give them long and healthy lives, and many children; He promises to give them good leaders, kings and others who will rule justly in the fear of God; He promises to make them useful, a force for good in the world-in them, all the families of the world will be blessed. These are the Promises He made for life under the sun. This is not the only life, however; we know there's a life over the sun better than they did, but they had an inkling of it as well. When their lives on earth were done, the Lord would still be their God-they could count on it! Not even death would separate them from the love of God. It was the Old Testament saints who first sang the song we know better ... More >>>

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