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Previews of the Kingdom - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 3
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Mark 1:14-2:17
Feb 22, 2009 am - Millions of dollars are spent every year to get you into a movie theatre. Some of the money goes to newspaper and magazine advertisements, some to radio spots, some to internet banners, and the biggest part, I suppose, to television commercials. The money is wasted on me. I hardly ever look at the movie section of the paper, I don't watch TV, don't read magazines, and a pop-up ad on the net is more likely to rouse my anger than my interest. Only one thing pulls me into a movie, and that's a good preview. A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I saw five trailers, to which I responded (to myself, of course). 'No. No. No. No, and Yes!' A three-minute preview made me want to see this movie, and more than 'want to see it', it made me eager to see it, eager enough to stand in line with the crazies for a midnight showing. A trailer is different than other kinds of advertising because, they don't tell me what the movie is about, they show me. This brings me to the opening scenes of our Lord's public career. After His baptism in the Jordan River, and forty days of fasting in the Wilderness, He went back to Galilee, where people knew Him as a carpenter, to make an incredible announcement- The ... More >>>

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