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The Remedy for Sin - by Michael Phillips
Respectable Sins - Part 3
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Romans 1:16-17
Feb 22, 2009 pm - Today we come to part three in our study of Jerry Bridges' new book, Respectable Sins. Are some sins 'respectable'? Of course they're not-God hates every sin and all of them, both big and small, nailed our Lord to the cross, and grieves the Holy Spirit who lives within in. If there's no such thing as a 'respectable' sin, then what is the book about? The subtitle tells us: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate. Underline the word, 'we'; there are sins, hateful to God, that aren't so bad to us. Maybe we don't exactly justify them, but we excuse them, and secretly think if 'If they're no big deal to me, they're no big deal to God'. This is not a wise way to think, a good way to live, or a safe way to die. No sin is 'respectable'. First, because we are saints, that is, chosen by God and put into His service, and the service we're put into is not a Sunday morning affair: it's 24-7. We're to be saints at church, but also at home, in the neighborhood, at work, at school even behind the steering wheel! This is what Bridges first chapter was about: holiness as a way of life. Chapters 2-3 explained the character of sin. In two words, sin is real and it is malignant. Today's culture has pretty ... More >>>

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