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What Is The Aim? - by Michael Phillips
Godly Rearing of Teens - Part 2 of 8
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Isaiah 7:16
Sep 12, 1990 am - What is the aim of teenage training? Introduction: "He who aims at nothing will be sure to hit his mark". This comment, though first directed at confused preaching, applies just as well to the typical rearing of teenagers. I am convinced that the average Christian parent, though well-meaning to be sure, has no definite, identifiable goals in the training of his children. Oh, we all want our children to be good, happy, productive, and the like; but we don't carefully define these ideas. Therefore, we cannot develop specific, detailed strategies to achieve them. We're "aiming at nothing, and hitting our mark". What, then, is the Christian parents' aim in training their teenagers? Or--to be more personal--what are your goals? Are you aiming at anything, or--like the Syrian archer--but "drawing your bow at venture?" I.WHAT IS THE AIM OF TEENAGE TRAINING? A.Negatively: 1.Let me rebut a couple of ideas with dispatch, and then spend some time on the more serious errors. The goal of parenting teenagers is not mere survival. The idea commonly believed is something like this: "the teenage years are a bumpy ride in the life of your children, so buckle up and hang on tight." This presupposes ... More >>>

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