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How Do I Teach To My Child To Work? - by Michael Phillips
Godly Rearing of Teens - Part 3 of 8
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Lamentations 3:27
Sep 26, 1990 am - Work Introduction: The average adult spends most of his waking hours at work. A man's typical schedule is something like this: He wakes up, prepares for work, drives to work, works, eats lunch at work, works some more, drives home from work, tells his wife about work, and goes to bed early enough to be ready for work the next morning. Work, therefore, occupies a central place in his life. And "a woman's work--of course--"is never done". This is how it should be. For God made man, not to lounge about the creation, but to exercise dominion over it. And dominion means work. The creation mandate was not revoked at the Fall, but only complicated by the curse. Ordinary labor, therefore, remains an honorable and necessary part of human life. Thus, you might assume that every parent makes "work" a top priority in the rearing of his children. But alas, it is not so. Many parents let their children grow up unprepared for "real life". How many boys apply for their first job with nothing to commend themselves? No experience. No skills. No discipline. Such children are pathetic. Their parents are criminal. So I have to ask, "What are you doing to prepare your children for the workforce?" You ... More >>>

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