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Self-esteem - by Michael Phillips
Godly Rearing of Teens - Part 6 of 8
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John 12:25
Oct 24, 1990 am - I.WHAT IS "SELF-ESTEEM"? A."Self-esteem" simply means "the way you look at yourself". It is a personal evaluation in which you assign to yourself great, little, or no worth. In other words, it's a matter of whether or not you like yourself. 1.High self-esteem--it is said--should not be confused with egotism or pride. The boaster, in fact, is probably acting that way because, deep down, he feels inferior. A person with "high self-esteem" is confident, outgoing, and well able to meet life's every challenge. 2.Low self-esteem, on the other hand, can be informally defined as "feeling rotten about yourself". Such a person suffers acute pangs of guilt, fear, and inadequacy. This feeling is so deeply imbedded that the most obvious facts cannot shake him from his self-loathing. a.The classic case of low self-esteem, of course, is the beautiful teenage girl who imagines herself to be hideously ugly. B.Every parent, I suppose, would prefer his child to be "confident and successful", rather than "fearful and withdrawn". It would therefore behoove us to do everything within our power to enhance our children's "self-esteem". Many Christian authors have commented on this subject pointedly: ... More >>>

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