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Drug Education - by Michael Phillips
Godly Rearing of Teens - Part 7 of 8
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Proverbs 23:29-35
Nov 07, 1990 am - Drugs Introduction: Two words terrify the parents of a teenager more than any others: "Drug abuse". The thought of my little children, one day, becoming involved with narcotics sends shivers down my spine. The memory of a child so entangled is, no doubt, far worse. If you're a parent, therefore, you are deeply concerned with keeping your kids off drugs. But is it possible? Nowadays, most teenagers experiment with drugs. Many of them develop "drug problems." More than a few become addicted, and suffer all the misery associated with that way of life. But it is not necessary! By God's grace, it is possible to keep your children drug-free. Or even to get them off of drugs. This sermon, if the Lord should bless it, addresses these issues in what I hope is a Biblical and practical way. May God use it to keep our children free from chemical slavery is my urgent prayer. Amen. Drug abuse, under God's blessing, can be largely prevented by four steps, which every parent must take. They are: education, provision, supervision, and--where needed--correction. I.EDUCATION A.Who should do the teaching? 1.At this point, many godly parents have been "cowed down" by the professionals, who claim a ... More >>>

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