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Lord of the Sabbath - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 5
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Mark 2:23-3:6
Mar 15, 2009 am - In fifty years of going to church I've heard my share of sermons on the Sabbath, nearly all of which answer the question, What are we allowed to do on it? We approach it this way because we're practical people preaching to practical people. Our busy lives don't leave much time for meditation: we need quick answers. Instead of mulling over the meaning of the Sabbath, its source and end, we want to know, Can I watch a football game on Sunday? Can I do a load of laundry after church? The Jews felt the same way we do. Scholars might spend years reflecting on the Sabbath, but the people want to know: What are we allowed to do on it? The rabbis met this practical need by drawing up a list of thirty-nine things you could not do on the Sabbath. Two of them occur in today's Bible-reading. You could not reap your fields on the Sabbath and you could not provide ordinary medical care. Please don't get the rabbis wrong. They knew some things mattered more than the Sabbath. If a man were starving on the Sabbath, he could hunt or fish or gather and prepare his food. This was work, of course, but it was necessary work-the man's life depended on it. The same thing is true with medical care. If a ... More >>>

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