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Ungodliness - by Michael Phillips
Respectable Sins - Part 6
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Psalm 10:4b
Mar 22, 2009 pm - Today we come to part 6 in our study of Jerry Bridges' new book, Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate. A 'respectable' sin is a sin, but unlike others, it is a sin that doesn't make us feel guilty very often and one we will almost never be called on. This means 'respectable' sins are the hardest ones to correct. But correct them we must, because 'respectable' sins dishonor God, distort His image in us, hurt other people, and lead to sins that are not respectable and to damage far greater than we would expect. It was James who warned- Behold, how great a matter, A little fire kindles. Let us commit ourselves, therefore, to an honest inventory before God. I can call my impatience 'efficiency'; you can call your discontentment 'ambition'; they can call their judgmentalism 'high standards', but instead of lying to God, why don't we tell Him the truth? Why don't we call the things what they are, instead of what they're not? Confessing our sins is hard, but it is not only hard. It is also encouraging; for the Lord forgives the sins we confess and cleanses us from all their unrighteousness. Wouldn't you like to be clean? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you didn't have to ... More >>>

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