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Parables of the Kingdom - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 7
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Mark 4:1-34
Mar 29, 2009 am - Actions speak louder than words. I don't believe this was a saying back in First Century Israel, but if it had been, the author of the Second Gospel would have agreed with it from the heart. Compared to Matthew, Luke, and John, Mark spends very little time telling us what our Lord said. Instead, he mostly tells us what Jesus did and allows what He did to speak for itself. This is true from the beginning of Mark's story to the its end-except for two places, chapters 4 and 13. THE NEW MOSES A man of few words is more likely to be listened to than a man who never shuts up! This is the Jesus Mark presents in His Gospel: He doesn't say much, but when He does, you'd better listen. Speaking of which, the word, listen, occurs ten times in the chapter. I won't make a doctrine of this number, but perhaps it struck a chord with the people who first heard or it read it. The number-which they noticed quicker than we do-may have recalled the Ten Commandments, that magnificent summary of the Mosaic Law. If their lives on earth depended on heeding the Ten Words of Moses, so our eternal lives depend on listening to the Ten Words of Christ. Why? Because He is the New Moses, or to be more exact, ... More >>>

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