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Wedding or Funeral? - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 4
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Mark 2:18-22
Mar 08, 2009 am - What's wrong with wearing pajamas to church? The Bible nowhere forbids wearing pajamas to church. It does not command us to wear something other than pajamas to church. The example of Christ does not oppose wearing pajamas to church. No Church Council has condemned wearing pajamas to church. Nor has any recognized leader said wearing pajamas to church is wrong. Wearing pajamas to church is not immodest, it is not likely to hurt a fellow believer, hinder evangelism, or cause the reputation of Christ to suffer in the world. With the current state of the Church, in fact, it might catch on, generate excitement, and boost our attendance and giving! With all that said, we still know there is something wrong with wearing pajamas to church. What is it? Church is not the time and place for wearing pajamas! Should we tell someone to leave if he came in wearing pajamas? I wouldn't, but I'd still think it was inappropriate. The Preacher said- To everything this is a season, A time for every purpose Under heaven. In the spirit of Solomon, I feel free to say- There is a time to wear pajamas, And a time to wear something else. Church is a time for 'something else'. Not because pajamas are bad, ... More >>>

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