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The Lord Has Risen Indeed - by Michael Phillips
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Psalm 34:19
Apr 12, 2009 am - Easter, 2009 Suppose you took it into your head to disprove the Bible. How would you do it? Where would you start? EASY OBJECTIONS A man did this to me some years ago, and after listening to him for a very long time, I felt more confidence in the Bible than I ever had before. He was an intelligent man who read the Scripture closely and had a passion to find its errors and point out its contradictions. Some of his objections were just plain silly. He focused on names and numbers that did not match, forgetting, of course, that people in the Bible often went by more than one name and that numbers were usually rounded-off, sometimes included women and children and sometimes didn't. Others were more serious. Some verses say God does not change His mind, but then we have problem of Nineveh. Because of its great wickedness, the city must be destroyed in forty days. That was the Word of God through His prophet, Jonah. When the city heard the awful news, it repented in sackcloth and ashes with fasting and prayer. And then, much to the prophet's displeasure- God relented of the disaster that He said He would bring upon them, and He did not do it. 'If God doesn't change His mind-my friend ... More >>>

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