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The Lord of Chaos - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 8
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Mark 4:35-5:20
Apr 19, 2009 am - Today, with God's favor, we will resume our study of Mark's Gospel. I emphasize the word, 'Gospel', because that's what kind of writing this is. It isn't a biography of Jesus, a book of theology, or a guide to living a holy life. It's a Gospel-it is Good News of what God is about to do in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. What is He going to do in Christ? He's going to bring His Rule into the world. Devils and bad men have had their way long enough! Now, it is God's turn to set things right. This is what Jesus meant when He said- The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the Gospel. The Rule of Heaven has come to earth at last-and good news for us-the King is a democrat! He's not looking for the best people in Israel; He'll take anybody, anybody, that is, who turns from his evil ways and puts His trust in God. If Pharisees and scribes won't come, publicans and harlots will do. The King is not a discriminating Man; He'll take the cream of the crop, the bottom of the barrel, and everything in-between. No wonder it's called a Gospel-it is Good News! THE PULPIT The story begins in a boat in the shallow waters of the Sea of Galilee, on the west side ... More >>>

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