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A Tale of Two Kings - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 11
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Mark 6:7-30
May 17, 2009 am - Here's a word you may not have heard before: sandwiching. It's a literary technique in which you start Story A, interrupt it with Story B, and after Story B is done, you go back to Story A and finish it. Mark does this twelve times in his Gospel, including here, in the middle of chapter 6. Story A has our Lord sending out the twelve to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, and cast out demons. Instead of giving us some juicy details on their mission, however, he drops it and goes to Story B, which is the death of John the Baptist. When that's finished, he comes back to Story A and tells us how it ended. Why would he do this? We know why some preachers do it-their thoughts are not organized. What they do is called rambling or chasing rabbits or going off on tangents. Mark is doing none of the above. Though he chose his own words and is telling the story his own way, his way of telling it is also God's way of telling it. The process of inspiration cannot be explained, but its product can be: The Gospel of Mark is God's Word. This means God wanted Mark to serve up a sandwich in the middle of chapter 6. Still, this doesn't explain why sandwiching is an effective way of telling a story. ... More >>>

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