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What Makes a Man Clean - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 13
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Mark 7:1-37
May 31, 2009 am - When I was in high school, there was nothing I liked more than watching a good fight. My best friend, at the time, got into plenty of them, and they were always the best part of a dull day. At the end of a fight, I always knew who started it and who won it (unless a teacher broke it up), and if he did, when and where they would finish it. What I didn't know most of the time is, What it was about. Did Steve cut in on Rick's girl? Did Rob insult Jim's car? Did Brian say something about Jose's heritage? Fights could be about a great many things, and until you knew what they were about, you didn't understand the fight. What's true of high school fights is also true of Mark's Gospel. With the healing of the paralytic in chapter two, a quarrel begins between our Lord Jesus Christ and the leaders of Israel; it runs through the whole Book and it does not end until He is crucified, dead, buried, and raised. The scribes start the fight by calling Him a blasphemer; when the charge doesn't stick, they say He's a Sabbath-breaker; when that gets them nowhere, they connive with the Herodians to destroy Him, bribe Judas to betray Him, and stir up the people to reject Him in favor of Barabbas. For ... More >>>

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