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Blind Hearts, Blind Eyes Opened - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 14
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Mark 8:1-26
Jun 07, 2009 am - The first half of Mark 8 sounds very much like the second half of Mark 6. Both begin with Jesus feeding thousands of men in the wilderness. From there, they cut to the Sea of Galilee where the disciples are worried and the Lord is frustrated. They're fretting because they don't know who He is and He's irked because He wonders why not. Both stories end with healing miracles on the other side of the lake. Because they sound so much alike, many scholars have taken them for 'doublets', that is, for the same story told in two different ways. 'Doublets' can be found in the Bible, of course, but not here. Mark is not repeating himself; he's adding to his Gospel, and what he adds is of the highest importance both for our theology and our everyday life. What is the message? We'll get to that shortly, but first, the story. THE SETTING Mark begins by telling us when and where it all took place. When is in those days, that is, not long after Jesus had fed five thousand in the wilderness, walked on the water, and stilled the storm. The wonders were still fresh in the disciples' minds, they had had time to think about them, and had their faith been stronger than what it was, they would have ... More >>>

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