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Crown and Cross - by Michael Phillips
Study in Mark - Part 16
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Mark 9:2-13
Jul 05, 2009 am - Preaching on the Transfiguration of Christ, a young pastor introduced his sermon- 'Every Word of God is pure, said the Psalmist, and this means it demands reverence from all who read or hear it. If this is true of God's every Word, it is doubly true of this Word. If Moses took off his shoes at the burning bush, and covered his face on Mount Sinai, how much more ought we to be awestruck at the glory of God in the Transfiguration.' From there, the young pastor went on to press the holiness and divinity of Jesus on his hearers, and some of them felt it, and told him so after the sermon. Did the man craft his introduction well, and did he properly affirm the deity of Christ? I think he did, but he still missed the point of the Transfiguration. Of course we ought to be awed by seeing the Lord Jesus in his heightened state, but Mark did not put the story into his Gospel to make us feel reverent, so much, as he did to get us through our sufferings of this life to what lies beyond them. In the next few days, Jesus is going to suffer things unimaginable, and to do it, He needs the encouragement of heaven. This is what He got at the Transfiguration; it's what the disciples got as well, and ... More >>>

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