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Read the Bible - by Michael Phillips
Rules for Young Christians - Part 2
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2 Timothy 3:14-17
Sep 27, 2009 pm - Today, with God's blessing, we will move on in our afternoon study and discussion of Brownlow North's pamphlet, Six Rules for Young Christians. The man was an evangelist in Ireland 150 years ago, and this is the advice he gave people who believed in Christ and wanted to grow in grace but didn't know where to start. He wrote for new converts, but the counsel he offered is equally useful for the rest of us-for people who have long believed in Christ, but are not as mature as we ought to be or as we want to be. What do we do? How do we become more conscientious? Where do we find the power to resist temptation? How can we reach people who don't know the Lord, or help the ones who do? The Six Rules do not give us all we need to know, but we a ignore them at our own risk. It is hard for me to believe anyone can grow in grace without more-or-less doing what they say. The first rule is pray every day, and remember to whom we are praying and that He hears us. Have you been doing this? No one is satisfied with his prayer life, but have you got a prayer life? Or, do you only pray with 'something goes wrong'? Or when 'you need something really badly'? The Lord hears these desperate prayers, ... More >>>

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