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To the Children - by Michael Phillips
Especially to Children - Part 53
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Psalm 51:13-17
May 18, 2003 pm - Thanks Lord Children, listen carefully, please. For the last two or three months, Mr. McCullough has been preaching on Sunday afternoons. I liked his sermons very much and I liked having some time off from my study and preaching, but there was one thing I didn't like. I didn't like missing the monthly Kids' Sermon. I'm not flattering you when I say it is always my favorite service. I like kids very much and I love preaching the Word of God to kids. You don't have to be grown up to hear the Word of God, to believe the Word, and to be saved. I'm not sure who the youngest kid here is, but I can tell him-and every other kid-that if you repent of your sins and believe in Jesus Christ, you will be saved-as saved as your mom and dad are; as saved as I am. As saved Jesus Christ is! There was an old Puritan preacher who said, "The believer in Christ could no more go to hell than Jesus Christ could go to hell!" Do you believe the Lord Jesus Christ could fall down from heaven and end up in the Lake of Fire? I don't believe that! The Bible says He will always be in heaven. And so will you-if you trust Him with all your heart. And I don't care if your 75 years old-or three years old. "God is ... More >>>

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