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Imitate Christ - by Michael Phillips
Rules for Young Christians - Part 5
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1 Corinthians 7:23
Nov 08, 2009 pm - This afternoon, with the Lord's blessing, we will move on in our study and discussion of Six Short Rules for Young Christians by Brownlow North. He was a leader in the Irish Revival of 1859, and published the little work to help new converts grow in grace. As I read them, two things stand out about the Rules. In the first place, they are practical. There's nothing mystical about them; they don't depend on elevated thoughts or powerful stirrings of the heart; they also don't require a lot of free time! Ordinary believers, living busy lives, can keep them-and when we do (from the heart) we will grow in grace. In the second place, the Rules are integrated, by which I mean, they're not stuck on to your life-like jury duty-but are blended into it-like brushing your teeth. Disciples are sometimes like dieters. Lazy and impatient, we're looking for the quick fix. Lose fifty pounds by Christmas by eating grapefruit three times a day while standing on one foot in the bath tub! Will this diet work? In the short term, it will. You'll drop the fifty by Christmas-and gain it all back and more by New Year's Day! Fad diets don't work; it takes daily discipline to lose weight. The same is true ... More >>>

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