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Why the Word Was Made Flesh - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2009 - Part 1 of 4
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John 1:1-18
Nov 29, 2009 am - Happy Advent Sunday! Today, all over the world, the people of God are gathering to celebrate the birth of Christ. Some do it only one day a year, but for centuries, the Church has viewed it as such a wonderful event that no fewer than four Sundays are required. Does the Bible specify the date of His birth or command us to observe the season in His honor? No it doesn't, but it does tell us to thank God for all He's given us, and in particular, for what Paul terms His- Unspeakable Gift, The Lord Jesus. How do we commemorate His birth? I can think of no better way of doing it than by remembering Who was born and what He was born to do. This brings us to the Prologue of John's Gospel, and what may be the most tightly packed and richest part of God's Word. It starts before the creation; it ends with the new creation; and it pretty much covers everything in-between. THE SETTING John opens his Gospel with words he-and every Jew-took in with his mother's milk- In the beginning. The words hark back to Genesis 1:1 and recall the old creation. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. What He made was good and would have become even better had man not sinned. Of course, Adam ... More >>>

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