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Born in a Manger - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2009 - Part 2 of 4
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Luke 2:1-7
Dec 06, 2009 am - The Story The story unfolds during the reign of Augustus Caesar, when Quirinius was governor of Syria. Augustus Caesar took the Imperial Seat in 27 B.C. and ruled until his death some forty years later. As for Quirinius? He served two terms, the first from about B.C. 7-3. The exact date is unknown to us, but was well known to Luke's first readers. It was the year they paid the Imperial Tax. Why does Luke bring up these things? To let us know he's not writing a fable, or a fantasy. If he were, he'd start with "Once upon a time..." or "Long ago, in a galaxy far away..." His story is more unlikely than anything in the Greek myths or in today's science fiction. But he won't be read that way! His story is factual; it really happened. At a real place in a real time. The time we have. As for the place? It occurred in "The City of David, Bethlehem". The town is about six miles south of Jerusalem; it's called "The City of David" because the great king was born there. Why does Luke say this? To identify our Lord with the Royal House of David. The Baby born that day alongside the donkeys, cows, and chickens is "David's Son and David's Lord". Who's there for the birth? No one but His parents. ... More >>>

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