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The Unspeakable Gift - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2009 - Part 3 of 4
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2 Corinthians 9:15
Dec 13, 2009 am - Corinthians 8-9 were written against the dark background of famine. No word is more terrifying than this one as it evokes images of swollen bellies, hollow eyes, and babies crying in vain for their mothers' milk. Disease and death follow in the wake of famine, and something worse than these: madness. Hunger drives good people to do things they will never forgive themselves for, including eating their own children, as the desperate mothers did in Samaria back in the days of Elisha. Famine hurts everyone, of course, but mostly it hurts the poor and disconnected. Unlike the well-off, they haven't socked anything away, and unlike the connected, there's nobody there for them. The famine referred to in our chapters was in Judea, one of the poorest and most despised parts of the Roman Empire. Anti-Semitism was rife in the middle of the First Century, and few Gentiles were moved by the plight of the Jews. What was true of the Jews in general was doubly true of the ones who believed in Christ. Talk about a minority! They were a hated minority in the hated minority! Everyone despised the Jews and the Jews despised the Christians. This means, the church in and around Jerusalem suffered more ... More >>>

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