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How to Live Without Fear - by Michael Phillips
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Psalm 3
Jan 03, 2010 am - People who say the Bible is not realistic have never read it. The Bible describes the Christian life as it really is. We're not angels; we're not heroes. We're bundles of anxiety and guilt and loneliness and envy and other bad things too. For example, Psalm 73 describes a good man eaten up by envy when he sees the wicked happier than he is. We've all felt this way. If God favors the righteous, why do the worst people live the longest and happiest lives? Psalm 22 describes a good man who feels forsaken by God. He pleads with God day and night, but heaven remains silent. We've felt this way too. We've humbled ourselves and begged God to do us a favor. But He doesn't lift a finger to help us. Psalm 116 describes a good man exasperated by the disloyalty of his friends--"All men are liars" he cried. We've all felt this way too. Let down by people we trusted. In short, the Bible "Tells it like it is". Psalm 3 is a good example. The author is David, maybe the bravest man in Israel. As a boy, he killed a lion and bear with his bare hands and cut down Goliath with a slingshot. As a young man, while Saul has slain his thousands, David "Has slain his tens of thousands". As king, he was a man ... More >>>

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