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What Pastors Must Be - by Michael Phillips
Pastors Function - Part 2 of 2
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1 Timothy 3:1-7
Apr 11, 2010 pm - A couple of months ago, I asked two brothers to join me in the eldership and to help me pastor the church. It's flattering to think I need no help, but it is also untrue. I do need help, every minister does, because caring for the Flock of God is hard, and we need as many hands to do it as we can get. Does the church call a man to the pastorate? No we don't-Jesus Christ does that. What we have to do is recognize the brothers He has gifted for the work. What gifts should we be looking for? Traditionally, the gifts are a college education, a seminary degree, and a certain command presence. If a brother's got the sheepskins on the wall and radiates some charisma, he's the man for the job. There is nothing wrong with formal training and the power to lead matters, but these are not the priorities we find in the Bible. The qualifications are based on what a pastor is supposed to do. If his main calling is to raise money, you need one kind of man, but if it's to shepherd (or care) for the flock of God, you need something else. THE BISHOP This brings us to 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and the fullest picture of what a pastor must be. What is a pastor? Paul doesn't use the word, 'pastor' here, but ... More >>>

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