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The News - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 8
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Isaiah 43:1-7
Jul 25, 2010 pm - With God's help, today we will move on in our Sunday afternoon study called, The Gospel Changes Everything. The Gospel changes our eternal destinies-from hell to heaven-and that's not all: it also changes our lives in the here and now. And not just a sliver of our lives-for example, what we do on Sunday mornings-but our whole lives: family, work, vacation, spending, saving, reading the paper, listening to the radio, surfing the Net, and watching TV. I mention the last four last because most of us spend a lot of time reading the paper, surfing the net, watching TV, and listening to the radio. Some of the turning and tuning and clicking is pure entertainment-we're going to watch a movie or listen to the game, read the comics, or laugh at a funny cat on Youtube. Fine. The Gospel has something to say about these things, but that's for another time. What I have in mind for now are the other things we watch on TV, listen to on the radio, read in the paper and surf the Net for. I mean the news and news commentary. Theoretically, the two are separate things, but we all know they're not. FOX puts a Republican slant on the news; MSNBC is biased on the other side. What the news and news ... More >>>

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