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Atonement - by Michael Phillips
Yom Kippur - Part 3 of 6
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Leviticus 16:6-19
May 30, 2010 am - If you had to sum up the Bible with one verse, I'm not sure you could do any better than Romans 6:23- For the wages of sin is death, But the gift of God is eternal life Through Jesus Christ our Lord. This is what the Bible is all about: Sin, death, Christ, and Life. Pastors with a semester of Greek under their belts will tell you, 'to sin means to miss the mark'. This is true as far as it goes, but it doesn't go far enough. Sin is more than a single act of missing the mark, or a succession of acts missing the mark. Sin is living for someone other than God, or rather, for someone instead of God. In the words of Paul, sin is- Worshiping and serving the creature, More than the Creator, who is blessed Forever. Does it matter which created thing you serve more than God? In a horizontal way, it does-of course it does. The man who lives for his country and lays down his life for its defense is a far better man than the one who lives for money and betrays his country to line his pockets. From the perspective of God, however, the two are more alike than they are different. The first man idolizes his country; the second man idolizes money. But they're both idolaters, for neither man puts ... More >>>

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