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The Scapegoat - by Michael Phillips
Yom Kippur - Part 4 of 6
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Leviticus 16:20-26
Jun 06, 2010 am - Yom Kippur is the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, and if you remember what it is, you know why: It is the Day of Atonement. Observed in September or October, it was the day Israel's sins were atoned for-or not. I must emphasize the words, 'or not', for God was under no obligation to make up with His people, to pardon their sins, or to bless them with His favor. He did these things because He wanted to, not because there was something good in Israel, but because there is something good in Him. As the hymn says, Israel and we are- Debtors to mercy alone. We must never forget this. The Day of Atonement was not made up by Israel and offered to God, it was made up by God and given to Israel. What was true of their atonement is doubly so of ours. We did not bring Christ down to us, but God- Sent His Son to be the Savior of the world. Wicked men crucified Jesus, of course, but God turned His cross into the Mercy Seat and made His death the Atonement for our sins. No man seeks after God-the Bible says-but thank God!-He seeks after us, and He finds us where we are. Where was Israel on the first Day of Atonement? They were in the shadow of Mount Sinai, where, only a few days before, ... More >>>

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