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The Signs that God is with Someone - by Michael Phillips
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2 Kings 2:1-15
Jun 13, 2010 am - Thirty years ago today, a skinny young man preached to a little mission church in Clearlake Highlands, California. Fifteen or twenty people were there that night, and to tell you the truth, nothing much happened. The sermon was neither electrifying nor embarrassing. But the skinny young man will never forget the sermon.It was his first. The skinny young man is no longer young or skinny, but he's still preaching the Gospel, and for that he publicly thanks our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was He who put the man in the ministry of the Word and He who has kept him in for thirty years, in spite of his weakness, folly, and sin. Like Samuel back in the day, the man would set up a stone this morning and call it- Ebenezer. Hitherto has the Lord helped us. Today is the thirtieth anniversary of my first sermon, and if you'll pardon me for repeating myself, I'd like to preach it again. Nostalgia has colored my thinking this week, but the sermon has more than sentimental value. It is the Word of God, and as powerful as it was in 1980, and when it was first enacted more than two thousand-five hundred years ago. The title is bit clumsy, but you'll know what I mean: The Signs that God is with ... More >>>

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