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Jubilee - by Michael Phillips
Yom Kippur - Part 6 of 6
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Leviticus 25:1-55
Jun 27, 2010 am - Today we come to the final sermon in our study of Yom Kippur or what we call The Day of Atonement. Though Israel had several feast days every year, this was her only fast day-the one day God's People were to afflict their souls by recalling the number and gravity of their sins, and what their sins deserve. Without making a formal doctrine of it, this may throw some light on how Christians are to think of themselves, and how pastors ought to preach. Is it right to remember our sins? It is. Should pastors preach the Law? We should. But as necessary as these things are, they are secondary to God's grace. When recalling that we're sinners, we must also remember: what kind of sinners we are-forgiven sinners. And, when preaching the Law, pastors cannot leave it there: we must go on to announce the One who frees us from the Law's condemnation, our Lord Jesus Christ. Joy should have been the regular mood in Israel, and in the Church, even more so- Rejoice in the Lord always, And again I say, rejoice. If most days were happy, one day wasn't. The Day of Atonement was observed in deep silence, with the only sounds being Aaron naming the sins of Israel and the people weeping in their guilt. ... More >>>

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