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Love is Kind - by Michael Phillips
Attributes of Love, for Children - Part 3 of 11
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1 Corinthians 13:4b
Sep 14, 2003 pm - THE MEANING What is kindness? I looked up the word in my dictionary and found quite a few other words to describe it, words like sympathetic, friendly, gentle, tender-hearted, generous, affectionate, and well-disposed. These are other words for kindness-more or less-but they don't tell us what kindness is. So let me try that by telling a short story with three different endings: In March of last year, a new boy came to school. His name was Probdip. He wore his hair in a bun on the top of his head and covered the bun with something like a baby-blue handkerchief. Because he was new to the school and didn't speak English very well, he felt shy around the other kids, though he really wanted to fit in. His class was made up of three groups of boys: we'll call them the Archie Group, the Jason Group, and the Christopher Group. The Archie Group thought everything about the new boy was funny. When he walked into class, the started snickering and whispering things about him. When they heard his thick accent, they started imitating it. When they saw he didn't know how to catch a football, they three it at him as hard as they could. What do you think of the Archie Group? I think they were ... More >>>

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