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Greeting - by Michael Phillips
Study in Romans - Part 1
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Romans 1:1-7
Sep 12, 2010 am - Today, with God's blessing, we will begin a study of Paul's Epistle to the Church of Rome. No book in the Bible has been praised more lavishly than Romans, and with good reason. The Puritan Thomas Draxe called it- The essence and perfection of saving doctrine. If you know the story of Martin Luther, you know it was the study of Romans that brought him to faith in Christ, and sparked the Reformation of the Church to which we owe a great debt of gratitude. Luther called it- The purest Gospel, And he was right: that's what it is. Can a man go to heaven without reading Romans? Sure he can. But why would he want to? THE THEME--NEGATIVELY The theme of Romans has been hotly debated for some time. Martin Luther thought it answered the question, 'How is a sinner saved?' Is it through works of the Law or faith in Christ? His schooling in the Medieval Church said it was both, with an emphasis on 'works'. But one day, he learned better. While sitting on the toilet-of all places-he found what Paul had said fifteen hundred years before, and Habakkuk centuries earlier- The just shall live by faith! God declares us 'righteous', not because we try harder than others, but because we trust His Son, ... More >>>

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