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Thanksgiving and Prayer - by Michael Phillips
Study in Romans - Part 2
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Romans 1:8-15
Sep 19, 2010 am - Today, with God's blessing, we will move on in our study of Paul's Letter to the Church of Rome. In most ways, it is very much like his other Epistles, but in one way it stands alone. All the others were written to churches or men Paul knew well. He had founded the other churches; he was a close friend of Philemon; he traveled with Titus; and Timothy? He was Paul's son in the ministry. The Romans he didn't know, for the most part: But he feels the same affection for them that he does for the Ephesians, the Corinthians, the Philippians, and the others. How do we explain this? If you're on the cynical side, you might say, 'Paul is a preacher, and preachers always pretend to love everyone'. There is some truth in this: think of how most weddings begin- Dearly Beloved, .the pastor says-to a roomful of strangers! This is not true of Paul, and we know it isn't because, in v.9, he swears otherwise- For God is my witness. As a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee, Paul was taught from birth to never, ever take the Lord's Name in vain. There is more than one way to do it, but the most serious violation of this Law was swearing in God's Name to something that was not true. It was perjury ... More >>>

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