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But Now! - by Michael Phillips
Study in Romans - Part 6
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Romans 3:21-31
Oct 24, 2010 am - On the night of July 1, 1975, John Smith committed a double murder. The crime was so brutal that the newspapers did not give the details-not even the scandal sheets did-because no one could find the words to describe what he did and how he did it. The next day, Smith was arrested and charged with murder in the first degree. His trial was a long one, with prosecutors piling up the evidence against him, and his attorneys answering them with things like, 'It wasn't him; it was someone who looked like him; He didn't mean to do it and 'He promises to never do it again'. When the case went to the jury, it didn't take long to reach a decision: 'Guilty on all counts'. Over the next two or three years, the lawyers for Smith contested the verdict, and every court upheld it. All this time, he claimed he was innocent, but when his appeals ran out, he came clean: 'I did it'. A date was set for his execution, and when the sun rose that morning, a guard woke him up with the words, 'It's time'. Smith got up and marched slowly to the room where he would die, with a guard on his left side, the warden on his right, and a chaplain behind him reciting the Lord's Prayer. When they reached the gas ... More >>>

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