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What Justified Abraham? - by Michael Phillips
Study in Romans - Part 7
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Romans 4:1-25
Oct 31, 2010 am - What Justified Abraham There's nothing I like more than a lively debate-especially when I'm on the winning side! This makes me happy I never met Paul in debate, because he a master of the subtle argument. This is what Romans 4 is: it's an argument to prove what Paul said at the end of chapter 3. What did he say there? He said you don't get right with God by obeying the Law, but by trusting Christ. This is the centerpiece of Paul's preaching-and not only his. Another man of God taught the same thing, and no self-respecting Jew doubted his authority. Who was he? Moses. Justification by faith, Paul says, is- Witnessed [to] by the Law and prophets. A prophet is referred to in this chapter, but most of it is spent on the Law, the very thing First-Century Jews were apt to pin their hopes on instead of God Himself and His Son, our Lord Jesus. ABRAHAM'S JUSTIFICATION, VV.1-4 What does the Law say about 'getting right with God'? Paul tells us in vv.1-4. Abraham was a righteous man; no one in Israel denied this, and some rabbis went so far as to say the man was without fault- Abraham was perfect in all his deeds with the Lord, and well-pleasing all the days of his life. Abraham did not sin ... More >>>

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