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Four Blessings of Faith - by Michael Phillips
Study in Romans - Part 8
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Romans 5:1-5
Nov 07, 2010 am - Today, with God's blessing, we will move on in our study of Paul's Letter to the Church in Rome. Scholars have long debated what Romans is about. Older Protestants say it is about the Righteousness of God, and in particular, how a sinner obtains it. More recent thinkers say it's about the relationship of Jews and Gentiles under the New Covenant. Still others say it's about both of these things and other things too, from using your gifts in the church to paying your taxes to the government. Are all these things in the Letter? Sure they are, but they're not what it's about: Romans is about the Gospel-the announcement of what God has done in Christ to save us-and the world-from our sin and misery. Who needs the Gospel? We all do because, whether we're Jewish or Gentile, pious church-going people or thoroughly secular, we have sinned against God and are exposed to His justice. The wages of sin is death-for everybody! But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. 'Gifts' are not earned; they're given, and like other given things, they're to be taken. The Bible word for 'taking the gift of God' is faith. This is how God Himself is conferred to us, and all His ... More >>>

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