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Why Our Hope is Sure - by Michael Phillips
Study in Romans - Part 9
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Romans 5:6-11
Nov 14, 2010 am - In 1949, Richard Crossman published a book on Communism called The God that Failed. In it, he allowed six American and European authors to explain what drew them to Communism in the first place, and, then, why they left it and came to oppose it. What attracted these gifted men to Communism were its promises-promises of a better world, a world without poverty and oppression, racism, imperialism, and war. They never gave up their ideals, but in time, they learned that Communism was not the way to achieve them. It was a god who promised a new heaven and a new earth, but only gave us more of the same. And worse. They pinned their hopes on Communism and it let them down. Like Communism, the Gospel promises a better world, that one day all who believe in Christ will share in the glory of God. Our souls will be freed from sin and rejoined to bodies that cannot get sick, grow old, or die. Glorified people, of course, don't fit into the world as it now is, so the world itself will be remade into a place where the Lord and His People can live together forever. When surveying the new heavens and earth, John could find no Temple, because no Temple was needed: the whole universe had become the ... More >>>

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