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Grace Abounding - by Michael Phillips
Study in Romans - Part 10
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Romans 5:12-23
Nov 28, 2010 am - The subject of Romans 5 is the immensity of God's love. Theologians tell us- God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable. What they sometimes don't ell us is 'all of His attributes share in these qualities'. In other words, not only is God this way, but so is His grace. God favor to us is without boundaries in time and space, and such is the stability of His character, He will never take it away from us, no matter what we do, or fail to do; or what others do to us. As the Psalm says-twenty six times!- His mercy endures forever. For Paul, this was not a new idea. Born into a devout Jewish home, he knew the character of God and thanked Him every day for His daily goodness. Paul knew the immensity of God's grace. Or thought he did. It wasn't until he met the Risen Jesus on the Road to Damascus that he began to feel how deep and wide and thick the mercy of God truly is. Insofar as words can communicate that grace, Paul does that in our chapter. In vv.1-5, he tells us the benefits of God's grace. The mercy of God in Christ, justifies us-he says-and this includes the forgiveness of sin and being declared righteous. It also gives us peace with God, an objective thing that is ... More >>>

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