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Arguments to Prove Saints Will Be Saved to the End - by Michael Phillips
Perseverance of the Saints - Part 4 of 8
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1 Peter 1:3
Sep 03, 2003 pm - Tonight, with the Lord's help, we'll move on in our study of Thomas Watson on the Perseverance of the Saints. The Bible teaches that believers-in-Christ cannot lose their salvation. On this point, most conservative Christians agree, but many of them present the doctrine quite poorly. To their way of thinking, salvation is like a heavenly bank account that we cannot get to or squander in this life. Thus, no matter how we live in this world, we've still got a fortune in heaven. This is sometimes called the security of the believer or once-saved-always saved. Now, I agree that the believer is secure and that if a man is saved once he will be saved always. But this way of putting it is dangerously misleading. For salvation is not a heavenly bank account, it's a life in union with Christ! We enter that union in this world, and because the union cannot be broken, we stay in it forever. This fellowship with the Lord produces holiness-in this life, the holiness is partial-in the life to come, it is complete. Thus, the man who does not follow after holiness in this world, will not have in the next world. Maybe we ought to rephrase the old saying: Once really saved, always saved. Professing ... More >>>

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