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Reading the Old Testament, Part 3 - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 19
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2 Timothy 3:14-15
Apr 10, 2011 pm - has been on Sunday afternoon theme for some time now, and we'll continue it today, with God's blessing. Like most other preachers, I sometimes exaggerate for effect. But I'm not doing that today, because the Gospel does everything-and by 'everything' I mean everything without exception. The Gospel changes why we go to church, what we do with our money, even how we comb our hair. I'm tempted to develop this third example, but if I do, we'll never get on topic, and so I won't. If you want to talk about it after services, I'd be happy to join you. But not now. Today's topic is how the Gospel changes our Bible reading. Bible reading is an important part of life, but if we read it the same way an unbelieving scholar does, or a devout Mormon, or even a pious Jew, we're not reading it correctly. They can be better, smarter, and more learned readers than we are, but we're called to be Christian readers, readers of the Bible whose hearts have been opened to the Lord Jesus and the Word of God that that testifes to Him from cover-to-cover. Does the Bible really witness to Christ? It does. Does this include the Old Testament? Yes. What parts of the Old Testament witness to Him? Well, the ... More >>>

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