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An Appreciation - by Michael Phillips
Study in Romans - Part 25
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Romans 15:14
Apr 17, 2011 am - With 15:14, Paul begins to wind down his long letter to the Romans. Most of what he's said thus far is about God and what He's done for us in Jesus Christ. By sending His Son to the cross and raising Him from the dead, God has vindicated His justice and opened the way of salvation to everyone who believes. What has the Lord done for us? In the words 8:28, He has-foreknown us, predestined us, called us, justified us, and because His will cannot be frustrated, Paul says He has glorified us even before the fact. God has done all these things for us-and more-and He's done them all by grace. The glory, Lord, from first to last, Is due to Thee alone; Aught to ourselves we dare not take, Nor rob Thee of Thy crown; Our glorious surety undertook To satisfy for man, And grace was given us in Him Before the world began! This is what most of Romans is about. But then, starting with 12:1, Paul reminds us that-having received so much from the Lord, we're to do something for Him. Not to repay Him-as if we could do that!-but because we love Him and are mindful of what He's done and what it cost Him to do it. Having done this, he turns to the third part of the Letter, which is more intimate. Paul ... More >>>

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